Missing Contact Information

Here is a list of people from our grad class that we have lost contact with.
If you have any information regarding their whereabouts, please send an email to Grad45@britgrad69.com with any information that you have and we will follow up.

Orig First NameOrig Last NameLast Name
Quone Woo
George Wong
Gordon Wong
Kwok Wong
Marcus Wong
Jacqueline Whitmore
Edward Tung
Henry Tong
Susan Shew
Brenda Sham
Jeanette Pischko
Chieko Nakano
Susan McIntyre
Sally Mathison
Belinda Mar
Frank Mamone
Leonard Malarsie
John Majestic
Douglas Mah
Kaye Mah Lam
Ronnie Mah
Luigi Lucarelli
Gan Lem
David Lee
Robert Lee